BIG-GRIP Weighted Souper Spoon


Featuring a large cushioned handle with soft flexible ribbing at the top, this spoon has a weighted handle which is easier to grip and ideal if you have limited hand control or tremors as the extra weight gives you more control when eating.

Made from stainless steel with a latex-free rubber handle, it also benefits from a special twist in the shaft and can be adjusted to any angle to suit your needs. The spoon itself is large and deep, allowing easy scooping of food, especially soup, cereal, etc. Dishwasher safe.

This item is BPA free.

The branding for this product has changed from GoodGrips to BIG-GRIP, otherwise the product itself remains unchanged.

I declare that I am entitled to claim VAT relief on eligible products as the goods are being purchased for personal or domestic use by a person with a chronic illness or disability.

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