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Subtle ribbed handles and steadying wrist loops make this well-balanced stainless steel cutlery set ..
Ex VAT: £18.75
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Bendable to your preferred angle, this stainless steel fork is part of our Aidapt Dining range. ..
Ex VAT: £5.21
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The softgrip rocket knife helps you cut more comfortably. Dishwasher safe up to 70 º ..
Ex VAT: £6.25
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Bendable to your preferred angle, this stainless steel spoon is part of our Aidapt Dining range.&nbs..
Ex VAT: £4.99
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Stackable, grippable, non-slip and non-drip, our Sure Grip range comes in a bright spectrum of colou..
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Soft textured foam sleeve slips on to cutlery, pens, pencils and other utensils for a keener grip. ..
Ex VAT: £18.05
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Nobody should have to wait for jam - and with this nifty opener, you won't have to: slip over the mo..
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Soft, organic shapes and a securing suction base bring the taste back to dinner time. Available in C..
Ex VAT: £8.17
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Ergonomic design and a securing suction base to add reassurance to home dining.  Available in C..
Ex VAT: £8.12
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Working, eating, gaming and crafting in bed just got easier with this veratile overbed table.  ..
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Meet the new stress-free, height-adjustable way to move your meals, drinks and jigsaws around the ho..
Ex VAT: £37.49
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Set the angle to suit your activity: this attractive fold-out table is great for breakfasting in bed..
Ex VAT: £18.32
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Overbed table for comfy crafting, gaming, eating and writing - with a lipped edge to prevent losing ..
Ex VAT: £10.62
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Designed for adults who may have limited dexterity or reduced strength and grip in their hands and a..
Ex VAT: £4.37
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Two spout designs give versatility, and the long mouthpiece mean your drinks can come to you - not t..
Ex VAT: £2.75
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Tea just got even better: this ingenious Tipper cradles your kettle in a secure frame, allowing you ..
Ex VAT: £6.66
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Sleek, lightweight wooden base with synthetic blue gingham resin coating.  Not for microwave us..
Ex VAT: £4.37
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Cut to size and mould to shape - these Tenura mats are colourful and non-slip.   ..
Ex VAT: £8.54
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Simplicity itself, this sturdy two handled mug comes in glossy white porcelain and is dishwasher and..
Ex VAT: £3.96
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In smart tartan with absorbant surface and quick fastening, these machine washable, adult-sized bibs..
Ex VAT: £20.62
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Rubber trimming along each of the four size settings grip to even the toughest lids and caps. (230x9..
Ex VAT: £2.33
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Let the ring pull opener do all the hard work, so your nails don't have to!  With storage loop...
Ex VAT: £2.04
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Protect your favourite furniture and prevent spills with this stylish set of nodular-designed silico..
Ex VAT: £7.33
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This ingenious pill-dispensing tower has colourful, transparent, screw-in compartments that make che..
Ex VAT: £5.18
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